Zvezdana Vesnasdoughter

I'm Zvezdana.

I'm a machine technician, car mechanic (well at least use to be) and digital marketer, I also sow, paint and do little carpeting.

I finished art college in 1999, had a few short-time jobs regulated first to machine tech and letter to a car mechanic, had more short-time jobs until 2009 when I finally got burned out and hit the wall.
Between 2009 and autumn 2013 while trying to crawl up on my feet again, I was broke and survived on the money I managed to make selling handmade jewelry on eBay and mersey of my self outnamed friends.
Worked 2 different jobs until the autumn of 2016 when I got severe muscle inflammation from top to toes, lost a job, and got diagnosed with EDS.
Pain, doctor's recommendations, and depression that life caused me so far forced me to give up everything I loved and enjoyed doing.

As I was getting up on my feet again, I had to re-educate again and it was "naturally" expected of me to jump back into a hamster wheel.
Within 2 years after I failed to get on the education because I couldn't afford it I got on to start my own business. At this point I had had it a naff, I was tired of wasting my time, energy and wearing out my body for a pitiful paycheck for someone else's gain. I have had it of surviving, I wanted to LIVE.
Starting a business in a "real" world turned out to be a long process with endless chasing and searching. I learned bookkeeping, taxes, laws, and all the rest that comes with it and came to the conclusion that I'll have to grow out 4 more arms and get a 50 hours day to get anywhere.
Luckily I don't know how to give up so I searched for a different way. And found it.
With barely any digital skills and no money at hand, I could start my own business, have full control over my work time and free time. I can work where I want when I want, and for as long as I choose. No more hamster wheel, no bosses, no strings. 

The program that I found gave me not only the skills that I needed to succeed as an entrepreneur on the internet, but It also gave me the opportunity to meet amazing people from all around the world, and earn while learning! It opened a new door to endless possibilities I wouldn't have found if I didn't take the chance to take a different path and join the community.  



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